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The Billabong

Fuel  Accommodation and Restaurant
The original since 1962
Cheapest Fuel for Miles  -  Healthy Choice Food  - Accommodation
Free Overnight Park and the Best Tasting Coffee on the Highway

About Us

The Billabong Roadhouse commenced trading in November 1962 with the aim of being of service to travellers on the Northwest Coastal Highway.

Back in 1962 the highway was merely a dirt track and the Billabong was an aptly named refreshing site to reach. The challenges of being remote still play a part today with the site generating its own power and water supply.

The Roadhouse keeps traditional practices as part of its modern operation. (knee high socks are now optional) It offers smiling friendly service, good advice and a safe clean environment for weary travellers.

On December 14th 2007, the Billabong was purchased by Jacques Tranquille, who set about making a change in the way roadhouses were perceived and run.

Twelve years on and The Billabong has grown into one of the most respected stops on the West Coast.

Consistency in providing quality fresh food, cleanliness and good old face to face customer service was paramount to bring on this change.

Diversity in the food and product range was also an important factor in changing the general roadhouse trend.

You are in for a genuine experience when you walk through the door and see the eclectic range of memorabilia, souvenirs, gifts and handy travel items. There really is something for everyone.

After your long drive make sure you take advantage of the free massage lounge before savouring the delightful meals.

What makes the Billabong Tick?

Compared to most businesses the Billabong is essentially off the grid.

We generate our own power and water on site for the use of our staff and customers.

These details will give you some idea of what it takes to do the basics

Power:   240v 3 phase

Run by a Perkins 110kva diesel generator and

Two backup 110kva and a 150 kva  generators on standby.

Run time:  24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Breakdown: to date 21 hours down out of 105120 hours.

20 hours break down, 1 hour maintenance

Consumption:  230 to 300 Litres of diesel a day

Bore: 320ft deep

Bore water:  Brackish

Clean water: desalinated by reverse osmosis 24 hours a day at a rate of 300 litres a minute.

The water is used for cooking and accommodation needs.

Telephone: hard line Telstra   Mobile: Telstra and OptusType your paragraph here